The Trebel Bass 4

It’s Episode 4 of The Trebel Bass!!! It’s our most musical episode yet! We let Liam Neeson inspire us, argue about arguing, unearth some musical artifacts that Saw Gerrera left behind, talk about our perfect Star Wars futures, knight our Trebel Bass homies… and did we mention Darth Sidious stops by to read our first ever email???

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The Trebel Bass 3

Episode 3 of The Trebel Bass! We welcome Ellie Beeche as a first time guest host, talk about green chiles, speculate on The Last Jedi, hire a pilot, pick some favorites, thank YOU, and Freddie Prinze Jr. calls The Trebel Bass homie… Special thanks to Ellie for pitching in this week! It was a blast talking Star […]

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The Trebel Bass 2

In the second episode of The Trebel Bass, the team catches up, tie up a few loose ends from last week, debate dual wield vs. double-bladed lightsabers, pay respects to Darth Maul, talk about our Star Wars gaming history, mill about some rumors, order some pizza, and what we want to see expanded on from Rogue One. It was a tight battle of Around the Horns this time and… well, you’ll have to listen to find out who won!

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